Window Cleaning Contracts, North Shore, Auckland.
    Aotearoa Window
Cleaning Ltd      
  1. Residential
    Your Home is a wonderful investment, that you need to look after. A Maintenance schedule for its up keep, will give you peace of mind. Depending on your surroundings & environments, that need can more crucial than anticipated.
    Most Schedules for Window Cleaning range from 4 Monthly to Yearly. We maintain some beautiful homes, that need maintenance to keep them looking stunning!
  2. ShopFronts
    Your Customers 1st impression of your business, relates to the image of your Shop front. To give justice to the products you sell, Call us to maintain your Windows at a regular frequency.
    We service Shop fronts according to your needs & budget. Weekly to Monthly maintenance
  3. Commercial
    To keep your Offices looking Sharp, We can provide maintenance schedules. Do you need parts of the Building to be cleaned?
    We Clean Commercial Buildings & Retirement Homes with Equipment Required. Access Machines, Scaffolding, Extension Water fed Poles, all are Utilized according to your Needs.